Geometry of Consciousness

As we expand our awareness beyond an original statement to its five corollaries a natural geometric space is generated. This space grows with each corollary.

The space of the original statement is a point, which is one dimension.

The space generated by first corollary, together with the original statement, is a line, which connects the two points of the two statements.

With the second corollary, we have added a third statement to our geometric space – – we have added the point of the third statement to the line of the first two -- this yields a triangle.

With the third corollary, we add a point to a triangle which yields a square. 

With the fourth corollary, we add a point to the pyramid’s base which yields a pyramid with a four-sided base.

The fifth corollary adds a point yielding the final octahedron space of our consciousness.

Our full consciousness lies in an elegant octahedron space with striking symmetry. On any crucial subject we choose the robustness of the subspace of our awareness – we will see the issue from within this thought space --- enlarge the original point, to a line of reasoning, to triangulating three statements, to thinking in the four corner box, to thinking outside the box (pyramid), to seeing total octahedral awareness.

This presence of expanded awareness is exactly analogous to a light prism in optics. Each expands the original into its six constituent components – white light beams expanded into its six visible colors of the spectrum, original thoughts expanded into its six constituent corollaries.

It is always stunning to notice how artists leap way ahead of our pondering logic with their creative inspiration. The painting below captured the same truth years ago, well before this discovery in May 2013. The genre is ‘sacred geometry’ – mystics thought the heavens must have a geometric shape. The instinct was well placed but understated; their very thoughts had geometry, and it was indeed sacred.