The EC Prism Tool

The EC Prism Tool takes an initial declarative statement and develops the six different perspectives.

In the same way that a triangular prism takes  white light  and refracts it into the six visible colors of the spectrum --- likewise the EC prism tool refracts six corollaries of our original statement.

It works magic when six new viewpoints are presented to a group that is heavily invested or struggling with an issue. It directly ferrets out nuances erstwhile hidden – –  new ways of looking at something important to the group  jump out.

When the executive team sees the six corollaries projected on a screen  it opens up new opportunities --- new ways of looking at an old problem or new ways of looking at a new opportunity really make the group congeal. 

There is an expanded consciousness of the whole group and the various new perspectives and interpretations provide a high-energy fresh look that opens up new profitable avenues.

Groupthink becomes group excitement, the spontaneity and creativity unleashed provides exciting new directions and opportunity.

The team breaks the scar tissue of the old view they've struggled with, and sees their struggle in a whole new way -- 6 whole new ways.

The tool also has a powerful application to the attendees personal lives – – giving them a new perspective on their personal goals, challenges, blind spots. 

A special version of the tool has been developed that applies to personal habits – – it uses the methodology of Charles Duhigg, author of the current bestseller 'The Power of Habit'. 

It turns out that the same underlying mathematics applies to the formulation of new good habits and the elimination of old bad habits. This is made very concrete by taking Duhigg's methodology and both automating it and also deepening it.

The attendees are empowered both in their corporate roles and also in the personal lives.