The EC Institute

The Expanded Consciousness Institute

Any statement we make about something important to us has a six manifold perspective.  This extended truth is always present – – we can choose to ignore it and blithely go our merry way or we can embrace the six dimensions and rejoice in its fullness.

Like viewing the Hope Diamond, looking at only one facet is to ignore its more robust beauty. Likewise the statements we make, and the assumptions we operate under, have a more robust presence. Expanded consciousness is a rigorous mathematical technique to unfold this larger reality.

ECI is dedicated to empowering high level executives and employees by bringing about this larger truth all around us. The Institute will do this by delivering seminars, software products, and domain specific applications. The seminars teach the mathematical theory underlying expanded consciousness and the pragmatic skill of seeing this larger truth. The EC Prism tool automates the presentation of the six derivative truths from an original statement.

The domain specific applications will tailor the theory of expanded consciousness and the underlying mathematics to a variety of fields including:

Computer science
Cyber Security
Corporate Mission Statements
Problem solving
Medical diagnosis 
Sales training
Quantum physics

The focus within each of these domains is to advance the science and formulate breakthroughs that represent quantum leaps.  Just like the newly discovered mathematics of expanded consciousness, the motivation here is a newly discovered domain specific advancement that enlarges the state-of-the-art in each of these fields.

As table facet of the Hope diamond has six sides, so do the foundations of these target disciplines have a six fold interpretation, much of which is still undiscovered.