"Until now, we were stuck in one view of the world, which was limiting our ability to innovate. Going through the six transformations has opened our eyes to possibilities we never imagined. We are seeing radical changes to our entire product development strategy, and new markets are opening up already. Any person, business or organization looking to compete in the global economy needs to take advantage of the Extended Consciousness Institute’s groundbreaking approach."

Dr. Art Murray,
Founder & CEO
Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc.


We often find it difficult to free time to think, strategize and plan properly, but yet we always seem to find the time to redo that which did not work.  Why is this, I wonder.  Maybe we do not know how to properly think in that free time.  Tom McCabe’s latest work on ‘Expanded Consciousness’ addresses this specific issue in a creative and mathematical way.  ‘Expanded Consciousness’ uses group theory to elaborate the six states of consciousness.  Using these six transformation creates the space for new possibilities.  Tom’s last application of mathematics to business in the field of software testing changed the way people thought about and performed software testing world-wide.  Can you afford not to talk to Tom and his team about ‘Expanded Consciousness’?

√Čamonn McGuinness,
CEO and Founder, BrightWork


" Using Tom McCabe's approach to 'goal-defining' and 'problem-solving' provided an extraordinary and  profound insight into the very nature of our organization. Tom has found some very deep , universal principles and has applied them in a way that provides fresh perspectives to any situation. I have no doubt that  we can be a very successful organization if we can just hold to the  foundational principles that we discovered during our workshop with Tom. Anyone and everyone can benefit from the process that Tom has designed."

Jean Tobin

Women's Institute for Evidence Based Solutions


I spent an afternoon with Thomas McCabe and his team as they examined my perspective on a crucial business challenge for my company. Using his <Dihedral 6 Assessment Tool> my one perspective was transformed into five additional points of view. The end result was a deeper understanding of my relationship to the business, the business to me and the various processes at work that I was able to consider in a new light. I highly recommend this assessment to any individual or company looking to break out of old perspectives and expand their situational awareness comprehensively before committing to an important plan or action.
Scott C. Kaufman, PE - Small Business Owner - Professional Practice in Architectural Engineering