'The Geometry of Meaning', T McCabe -- excerpt

The point of this paper is that our very thoughts like Plato's solids have a geometric shape. The thoughts we formulate have a symmetric mathematical structure; our ethereal and fleeting thoughts like nature have a beautiful mathematical foundation. Like Plato's solids of antiquity the structure of mankind’s thoughts also has a classic geometric shape. What's more this geometric structure of our thoughts holds many derivative thoughts that have a presence that only gradually seeps out and unconsciously unfolds. This is the psychological epistemological blowback always present within hidden dimensions of our thoughts.

The following discussion will unfold the geometrical structure of our thoughts through the increasing complexity of compound thoughts and multidimensional geometrical objects. It also turns out that the group of symmetries of these geometrical objects reflects the derivative corollaries that are induced by our thoughts --- derivative thoughts that have the same presence and energy as our initial thoughts.